Quick start

  1. Visit youtubik.app website from any device - computer, ipad or phone
  2. Click "Start"
  3. Enter your e-mail address
  4. Check your inbox. You will receive a letter from "Youtubik"
  5. Click on the login link in this email. Done, you are registered! If the letter did not arrive in three minutes, check the Spam folder.
  6. Now on the screen you see the password for your child, keep it in front of your eyes.
  7. Take your child's ipad. Download "Youtubik" app from App Store
  8. Start the app. It will ask you to enter the password that you saw in step 6
  9. Enter your child's name, year of birth, and gender (so that we can immediately offer him suitable videos and channels)
  10. Everything is ready! Give the iPad to the child to use the "Youtubik" app, and go to youtubik.app webstite to control him