How to control your child on YouTube?

Every parent wants to know what exactly his child is watching on YouTube.

Does he watch good cartoons? Or unpleasant videos, where Spiderman and scary characters scare children?

Youtubik will show you:

  • When — and what exactly — your child watched on YouTube?
  • What is he watching right now? The child may be far away from you, but you still see it on your phone.
  • He watched the videos to the end or turned off at the beginning?
  • What does he watch most often? What kind of videos and channels he prefers?
  • How many hours during the day does he watch Youtube?

Go to website. You will see all the videos your child watched.

  • Green circle near the video means that your child is watching this video right now.
  • These icons show how far the child watched the video before turning it off.
  • How long the child watched YouTube for the whole day.