How to block a channel on YouTube from your child?

On YouTube there are a lot of channels made for children, but which show very unpleasant, abnormal videos:

  • Phobias, violence, excrement: in the video there are shots and syringes, blood, cutting body, insides.
  • Sexual videos: doctor games, pregnancy, abortions, bowel movements, spanking, bathing, tying up, kidnapping.
  • Popular characters in children: Elsa, Joker, Spiderman. In this case, Elsa, for example, can give birth to spider-man of small little men-spiders. In addition, the characters are also used Angry Birds, Minions, cars from the cartoon "Cars", Peppa Pig.
  • Lack of text. All the characters are silent, the plot unfolds from their actions, not dialogues.
  • Psychedelic color combination.

To protect children from such videos, we created Youtubik application.

Many harmful channels are already filtered by our editors, but if you find an unblocked harmful channel, block it.

Go to the website and block the channels.